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Stand up Comedian, Comedy Creator and Corporate Communicator

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Follow Sammy on Twitter or Instagram for more details. 


Samantha Hannah is a stand-up comedian, comedy writer, comedy actor and improviser.


 In 2018 she performed her debut stand-up show 'How to Find a Husband in a Year' where she tried to find a husband in a year and ended up meeting her current partner 12000 miles away via Tinder. More on that here. 


In 2019 she performed her hit show 'How to Find Happiness (in a Year)' in Edinburgh and London and was voted in the top 10 for Funny Women Best Show award. 

In 2020 she started creating 'How to Win @ Life' after finding she could literally anything come true via writing comedy shows. A couple of days into that process the pandemic hit and everything was completely cancelled.    

During that time she repurposed How to Find Happiness (in a Year) and turned it into a lockdown special. This can be streamed on Nextup Comedy.  

In 2021 she took 'How to Win @ Life' and made it into a streamed multi-media show as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival. 

Later that year she moved to New Zealand with the aforementioned Kiwi fella and is now becoming a regular fixture on the circuit in Wellington. 

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