Stand up Comedian, Comedy Creator and Corporate Communicator


How to Win @ Life is back with TAHI Festival at BATS Theatre, Wellington on Friday 22nd October. Book tickets now!


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‪“This cleverly crafted hour is full of authentic humour and will really pull on the heart strings.”‬ ‬


Samantha Hannah is a stand-up comedian, comedy writer, comedy actor, improviser and comms advisor who specialises in 'motivational comedy'.  She also did recruitment for a long time (internal recruitment, not external - she's not a monster) but please don't hire her for that. Hire her for the fun stuff! She likes cats and also colours (as you can probably tell). She is still learning how to make websites. 


 In 2018 she performed her debut stand-up show 'How to Find a Husband in a Year' where she tried to find a husband in a year and ended up meeting her current partner 12000 miles away via Tinder. More on that here. 


In 2019 she performed her hit show 'How to Find Happiness (in a Year)' in Edinburgh and London and was voted in the top 10 for Funny Women Best Show award. 

In 2020 she started creating 'How to Win @ Life' after finding she could literally anything come true via writing comedy shows. A couple of days into that process the pandemic hit and everything was completely cancelled.    

During that time she repurposed How to Find Happiness (in a Year) and turned it into a lockdown special. This can be streamed on Nextup Comedy.  

In 2021 she took 'How to Win @ Life' and made it into a streamed multi-media show as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival. 

Later that year she moved to New Zealand with the aforementioned Kiwi fella and is now becoming a regular fixture on the circuit in Wellington. 

Samantha (or Sammy to her friends - since you're here you can call her Sammy) also likes Sims4. If you would like her to make you into a Sim - let her know.  She is probably more than happy to do that for you. You can always say thanks with a coffee.